Wedding Day: The importance of the Bride ‘s jewels

Jewels make the bride perfect on her wedding day.

If it’s true that the main character of a wedding is the white dress, details always make the difference. Shoes, make-up, hairstyle and jewelry are essential aspects the bride takes into account in order to be flawless for her wedding day. 

Once the style has been chosen, we should not forget that all the aspects of the look need to be in harmony with each other. Even the jewels’ selection should consider the dress type, that can be more or less covering, and the hairstyle, that can be tied- up or loose. 

The bride should not wear rings!

Wedding rings are much more than just jewels: they should be considered as the quintessential of the wedding itself, the symbol that seal the promise of eternal love between the bride and the groom. 

Precisely for the deep and intense meaning of these jewels, it is preferable to not wear any other ring on your wedding days. If you think about the moment of the exchange of the rings, you surely do not want your wedding ring to be hidden by other jewels! 

An exception can be made for engagement rings: as the wedding proposal is waited for long for many of us, we certainly won’t tell you to leave your engagement rings at home! 

Our suggestion is to bring your engagement ring with you and wear it after the ceremony or to wear it on your right hand. 

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Wedding earrings

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Earrings are often considered essential jewels for the bride. Stud earrings and pearls are usually the most loved because of their brightness and elegance. In every shape and size, these types of earrings are perfect for the wedding day. 

However, as suggested before, it is important that the earrings you choose should always consider the dress and the hairstyle of the bride. 

If the dress is high-necked or has a lot of decorations in the higher part and the bride is going to wear loose hair, we suggest lobe earrings. Since they’re quite small, they must be very bright. 

On the other hand, if the dress is low-necked with few decorations and the bride’s hair are tied-up, the choice may fall on (not to long) pendant earrings. 

The precious décolleté of the bride

Let’s start by saying that the necklace as accessories is not mandatory: as for earrings, the bride should always consider the hairstyle and the dress’s shape. 

All depends on the neckline of the bride’s dress: if the it is not so deep, a choker necklace could be the most suitable choice; differently if the neckline is deeper, you can choose for a short pendant necklace. 

If you’d like to make a change on the traditional diamonds and pearls necklaces, why not go for pendants with gemstones like the sapphire or the aquamarine.

In this way on your wedding day you will also wear that ‘blue detail’ required by the tradition! 

Keep in mind that the bride should not wear too many jewels, for this reason the necklace is often replaced by earrings. 

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A bracelet for the bride

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Should the bride wear jewels on her wrist during the wedding day?

Bracelets are the less popular jewels during this occasion, but this doesn’t mean they are forbidden! 

Please pay attention to the sleeves of the wedding dress: if the wedding dress has long sleeves, especially lace sleeves, the bracelet may not be noticed, or even worst, it could not fit with the dress at all. 

Whether your wedding dress has no sleeves, feel free to adorn your wrist. As for the engagement ring, it is preferable to wear it on the right hand. 

Among all the different types of bracelets, we suggest to choose bright bracelets with clean lines, like tennis bracelets, which we consider the best option. 

It is always important to remember that the most important aspect is harmony between the various elements of the wedding outfit, so if the dress is vintage, an antique jewel could fit perfectly. 

These were our suggestions for the perfect bridal jewelry. 

Whether you choose to wear one, none or a thousand jewels, as a bride you will shine with your own light on your special day!

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