Armocromia and Jewels: Gold or Silver? Colours for every skin complexion

Gold, rose gold or silver? How many times did you hesitate on the colour to choose for your new jewel? 

Let’s be more precise, the real question you ask yourself is: which colour suits me the best? 

The “armocormia” of jewels (in English “Colour Analysis” or “Colour Harmony”) defines the colors that suits you the most, even though you still don’t know it!

However, maybe unconsciously, you’ve probably already noticed that among gold, rose gold and silver there’s one colour that looks better on you. This means that you’re already  applying the Colour Harmony rules by choosing a piece of jewellery and you’re probably doing it even in other contexts. 

Before talking about jewels, let’s spend some words about Colour Analysis. 

Colour Analysis: a small recap to clarify doubts

Colour Analysis is today an essential aspect within the field of image consulting, but you probably don’t know that it was born in cinema and schools of art between 1920 and 1930. Both the costumes designers of the first color motion movies and portraiture students noticed how certain colours valued some skins complexions more than others. 

Colour Analysis, in fact, aims to identify the colour palette that best matches the skin colours of each person. 

Although Colour Analysis bases itself on disciplines like physics and chemistry, there is a huge artistic component in its studies. This bring to different approaches to this subject and the result changes depending on which aspect is the most considered during the analysis. 

In particular, the main aspects to take into account are: the skin undertone, the chromatic value, the contrast and intensity of the color combination of skin, hair and eyes. These combinations create 4 groups, or palette, named after seasons. 

Therefore we have the spring palette, the summer palette, the autumn palette and the winter palette. These names are inspired by the colours of nature and the way they change during the year. 

Please keep in mind that Colour Harmony seasons should not be confused with our birth season! 

We can think about the four palette in this way: 

  • Spring is the season of nature awakening, permeated with delicate but already brilliant and warm colors; 
  • Summer, with its soft contrasts, reminds a bright sea landscape;
  • Autumn is characterized by the typical colors of woods and leaves in this time of the year; 
  • Winter recalls the intensity of optical white in contrast with a deep blue sky. 

It’s obviously not always easy to identify which shade of colour, according to the Colour Analysis, suits you the best, that’s why a specific consulting becomes necessary. 

However, you probably already perceived yourself good in a certain colour palette that turns your skin look brighter or makes you even look younger! 

Understanding the rules of Colour Analysis means not only be able to choose the best colours for your wardrobe, but also for your makeup, your hair and obviously your jewels. Following the shades of your palette allows you to create a perfect balance among your clothes and accessories. 


Armocromia and jewels: the perfect colour

Colour Harmony applied to jewels is intended to identify the colour of the precious metal linked to each person’s season, as well as the colour of gemstones enriching it. Choosing to apply Colour Harmony to jewels gives an important role to these accessories, especially regarding earrings and necklaces. Since they’re worn very close to the face, it is important to carefully select them as they can become a beautiful frame to enhance the strong points of a person’s appearance. 

If you usually wear small earrings, the colour of the jewels become obviously almost irrelevant. Did you fall in love with those small hoop earrings in white gold? Don’t worry, you can buy them, even if you belong to the autumn palette! 

After these clarifications, let’s try to match every palette with the right colours of jewelry. 

Find here some guide lines to take inspiration for your looks according to Colour Harmony’s rules. 

Jewelry colours for spring season

The spring palette refers to light and bright skin types, characterized by mix of light but brilliant colours, a mild contrast and ton sur ton.

The most suitable jewels for this season are gold or rose gold jewels. 

Regarding gemstones, the closest to Spring season’s skin types are the stones with vibrant and bright shades, like the turquoise, aquamarine, green quartz and carnelian. 

Jewelry colours for summer season

Summer stands out for its cold and moderate nuances (opposite to winter). 

According to Colour Analysis, the best metal for this season are the cold ones, like silver and white gold. If your skin type belong to the summer palette you can also consider wearing sandblasted gold and antique gold. 

All gemstones in the shades of light pink would be perfect, like the angel skin coral, amethyst, morganite and quartz. 

You can also go for cameos, turquoises and lapis lazuli, as long they don’t belong to the shades of yellow. 

Jewelry colours for autumn season

Similarly to the spring palette, also the autumn one is characterized by warm colours, but with less intensity and softer shades. 

Particularly suitable will therefore be metals like bronze and rose gold. 

Jewels can also be enriched with gemstones in the shades of yellow (amber, lion’s eye, citrine quartz) or green (emerald, green tourmaline, topaz). Also coral can be an excellent choice, but only if the color is vibrant and intense. 

Jewelry colours for winter season

Last but not least we have the winter palette, characterized by cold, deep and brilliant shades. This season is usually associated with people with an a high contrast among skintone, hair and eyes. 

Winter season’s people will benefit of jewels made of cold colors metals, like white gold, silver and also platinum. Regarding gemstones, high intensity and elevated contrast are required: the choice may therefore fall on emeralds, rubies with cold shades of red, blue sapphires, onyxes, turquoises, topazes and purple amethysts. 

You’re probably wondering why we dind’t mentioned pearls and diamonds so far, but don’t worry: Colour Harmony’s rules may not be applied on pearls and white diamonds as they can perfectly suit every palette and skin complextion.

Even if Colour Harmony Theory may have its fascination on us, let’s underline that at the end of the day the most important thing is to wear what makes you feel good!

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