The Sea: a meaningful inspiration for jewels

Summer, sun, heat and the sea! Let’s talk about the sea world as main character of this article, considering it a perfect source of inspiration for the most beautiful jewels. 

Nature is often taken as inspiration to create jewels with a particular shape or meaning, same for the sea world. Ocean’s inhabitants, animals, corals but also objects connected to the sea become prominent in summer outfits. 

Gemstones are processed in order to recall seabeds and riverbanks. 

Precious metals are shaped to obtain symbols of the sea: from the shell to the ship’s wheel , from the fish to the starfish. 

Wearing jewels is often a way to express our personality and requires a key to interpretation; let’s discover together the meaning of the main characters of these sea-inspired jewelry. 

Jewels and Sea: THE SHELL

Let’s start from the most common sea element: the shell. A lot of Nassarius Kraussianus shells dated back to 75 thousand years ago have been found in South Africa. These shells have been pierced to be worn as decoration, that’s why we can consider them as the most antique jewels known so far! 

Shells have different meanings, depending on the historical era and different religious beliefs. Anyway there are some aspects that combine all different symbolisms. 

In the Hawaiian culture, shells and all jewels that contain them are considered sacred. Speaking about shells, how can we not mention The Birth of Venus by Botticelli, the painting that represents the birth of Venus from a shell, namely the Goddess associated with love, femininity and fertility.

As a consequence of this simbolism, it is easy to understand why bracelets and necklaces became amulets to protect people from the evil eye and bad luck. 

Jewels and Sea: THE ANCHOR

The anchor isn’t properly a sea element, but it’s obviously strictly connected with it. 

The anchor is surely one of the most popular symbol within male jewelry representing the “fixed point” for excellence, especially for the jewelry dedicated to the nautical world like bracelets and man’s necklaces. 

By choosing the anchor jewel as gift, we express a feeling of safety and a devotion to the person for whom it is intended. As a life metaphor, the anchor represents stability in sailors’ lives, both in a calm or in a stormy sea. 

According to the legend, it was Neptune, the God of the Sea, who created the anchor as gift to the humans. Using his trident he could move the tides and for this reason the anchor became the symbol of strength the sailors need in order to tame the sea and return back home.

Jewels and Sea: THE STARFISH

Another inspiration that comes directly from the sea are jewels with a starfish shape. Stars in any form are always fascinating, so why not wearing starfishes during the summer season?

Same as for shells, its known that in Ancient Rome starfish was connected with Venus. However, even earlier, in ancient Egypt, this small animal was linked with the Goddess Iside, while with the rise of Christianity it has been associated with the Virgin Mary. All these female characters stand out for their roles of guide and protectors.

These beautiful sea animals become good lucky jewels helping us facing daily life’s adventure. Starfishes regenerates their arms when they lost one, as a metaphor or that, by wearing starfish they will help us to be strong and to withstand every challenge. 

Jewels and Sea: THE SEA HORSE

A friendly looking and a mild attitude: these are the main aspects that stand out about the sea horse, another stunning inhabitant of the seas. 

In both oriental and occidental cultures, the sea horse is connected to power. In Asia it was even considered a small dragon and for this reason characterized by enormous strength. With a body that never changes, the sea horse becomes a wish of happiness that comes from the ability to love ourselves for what we are. 

This patient but strong sea animal uses its spiral tail to swim against sea flows and become therefore the symbol of persistence and stability, a perfect good luck gift for the people we love the most.

So many treasures hidden by the sea and so many meanings hold in the simplest things. A sea-inspired jewel surely represents the beauty that sea animals have in nature. However, despite history and tradition, the most beautiful meaning of your jewel will surely be the one you will give to it.

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