The Sapphire: characteristics, history and meaning

The sapphire is a gemstone like onice, diamonds and rubies. If you like blue or you are born under the zodiacal sign of the Virgo, the sapphire is definitely your lucky gemstone!

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Characteristics and history

The sapphire is Virgo’s lucky stone. It has a triangular cut and it belongs to the same family of the ruby. Gems derived from the corundum mineral are among the most versatile of all precious stones and are also very resistant, as they get close to the hardness of diamonds. 

Blue is the color of emotions, responsibility and it also helps concentration. 

The sapphire has a long story and appears in ancient religious and mythological tales. 

According to Greek mythology, when Prometheus stole fire from the gods and gave it to humanity, he also stole a blue sapphire. Regarding religious tales, the sapphire is one of the 12 stones set in the foundations of the walls of Jerusalem and from a Christian point of view, it is associated with the Apostle Paul. 

Round 1881 in Kashmir, sapphires were traded with salt and used for sharpening various instruments. Gradually, people began to understand the value of this stone and therefore it became more and more precious, raising interest on jewelers. 

One of the most important and antique sapphire mine is located in Sri Lanka, which is the main extracting area for this kind of gemstone. However, there are also other places where this precious stone can be found, secondly Australia and after that Myanmar, Cambodia, Thiland, Laos, Madagascar, India and Vietnam. 

Meaning and beliefs

“Sapphire” in Hebrew means “the most beautiful thing” and the beliefs around this stone are many. 

According the oriental traditions, the sapphire is able to increas desire to pray, helping the wearers to connect themselves with their spiritual soul. It is also believed that it can infuse peace and serenity. 

The sapphire is also considered as an amulet able to protect from evil spirits and also a lucky charm for travelers. Regarding love, an engagement ring with a sapphire has a deeply romantic meaning of eternal love. In this connection, the most famous engagement ring with a sapphire is worn by the Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton, who received it from Prince William and once belonged to his mother, Lady Diana. 


Kate Middleton:

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